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Tarsal Gland Scent - 2oz Glass Bottles - FREE SHIPPING
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Tarsal Gland Scent - The tarsal gland is found on the leg of the deer. It is made up of an area of elongated hairs that covers glands that produce a fatty secretion that sticks to the hairs of the tarsal gland and produces a strong, musky odor. The odor is produced during something called rub-urination that occurs when a deer rubs the two tarsal glands together while urinating over them.perhaps the most important of the glands found on the leg. This gland consists of a patch of elongated hairs underlain by an area of large sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands secrete a fatty lipid that adheres to the hairs of the tarsal gland. This area gives off a strong, musky odor. This odor is the result of urine being deposited on these glands and mixed with lipids during a behavior known as rub-urination. Rub –urination happens all year long but intensifies, particularly with males, during the breeding season. This scent tells other deer about the sex, dominance, breeding condition of deer in the area. Foggy Mountain Tarsal Scent is effective both during the rut and all season long. Any deer in the area will want to find out more about who is leaving this scent behind. 2 ounce glass bottle with eye dropper.

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