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Hot Doe Doe-In-Heat Buck Lure - 2oz FREE SHIPPING
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HotDoe – Doe-in-Heat Buck Lure – Since we put up our first bottle of HotDoe back in 1984, the stories about its extraordinary performance have been coming in regularly. There have been many pictures of trophy bucks and first bucks by new hunters. There have been great stories of how HotDoe lured the big buck steadily closer and closer until it was in range for the perfect shot. These were the stories and pictures we hoped for, but then there have been the stories we never quite expected. These are the stories told by slightly embarrassed hunters who found out the power of HotDoe the hard way. They didn’t pay attention to the application instructions and instead decided to squirt HotDoe on their boots and clothing….big mistake! They never got a shot off, but had a hard run back to their truck with a love-struck buck in hot pursuit! Never underestimate the attraction-power of HotDoe! HotDoe is pure doe-in-heat urine collected during the hottest hours of the estrus cycle. Bucks just can’t help themselves! HotDoe is the ultimate doe-in-heat buck lure. 2 ounce glass bottle with eye dropper. Choose 1 bottle for 12.99 or a 3 Pack –Only $33.99 (Save $5 over Single Bottle Prices) or a 6 Pack – Only $65.99 (Save $12 over Single Bottle Prices) – All with FREE SHIPPING

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